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Your ambitious aspects of your personality tend to emerge in a bit later years, not so much early on. But when they do emerge, your ability to be focused and determined when tackling all your ambitions is really second to none.

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And later on in life you are faced with opportunities that actually provide experiences focused on friendship and group awareness. In overall you really should take advantage of any opportunity you get to participate more fully and freely in any social event. Being in group settings helps you understand your ambitions much more, and with that you get a much clearer understanding of your desires which also gives you a much better predisposition to help others.

You are vey intense individual, and love the solitude.

So needless to say you may be spending long periods of time alone. Although there is many admirers around you, you will rarely notice it.

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However, once you are ready to open up emotionally, you definitely will not be short of admirers. You need to focus on finding a partner who respects your independence and the need for freedom, but also be present and give you as much love and support as needed for you to be absolutely yourself. You occupy yourself with work so intensely that you definitely not only not take the time to rest but actually do not notice that you are in dire need of it. So with that said, a well set schedule will work perfectly with what you need to set up for yourself.

Regular exercise is another thing you should consider adding to your daily schedule, as it helps keeping your body in good shape and with that supports your immune system even more.

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The one absolute thing I might add at the end would be resting, you need to take breaks and go out in the nature to rest and relax more, get fresh air to help clear your mind and even further enhance the well placed healthy routine. You definitely know how to incorporate your innovative potential with your technical skills to excel in just about any career you choose.

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You are however leaning more towards careers in science, psychology, engineering, advertising, public relations, promotion, or education. For some of you music, writing or acting sounds as interesting challenge as well. It pointed out how to work to your strengths and how to combat your weaknesses and turn them into strengths too. It was a confidence boost, reassuring me that I am doing the right things.

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