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Kandams or Chapters in Nadi Astrology

The results of the above Kandams can be had only when fulfilled the Pariharas explained in the following Kandas. Note : 1 Kandams will give the future predictions up to the End of Life from the date of perusal of that Kandam. For success in Politics and Political Connections special kandam is available. Monday, July 5, The origins of the Nadi Astrology are shrouded in the mists of time. This marvellous system of prediction has been used to give reliable guidance for many centuries: knowledge about ourselves past and future , our relationships and our destinies.

Research shows that this system has been in use for at least years, since the treatises were first written on palm leaf scrolls in Sanskrit, the predominant language of ancient India. The original transmission was by oral means, before the committal of the texts to writing. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a vaidhya a doctor , who alleviated the miseries of his devotees. Until the 's, Nadi remained an ancient legacy, hardly used or even comprehended by the majority of Hindu Astrologers.

The preservation of the Nadi palm leaves and the translation from Sanskrit into the Tamil language was undertaken on a large scale during the regime of the Kings of Tanjore 9thth Century AD. When the leaves started disintegrating with age, the Tanjore rulers appointed scholars to rewrite them on fresh ola palm leaves.

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The Maratha king Sarabhoji and the Chola kings patronized these translations. When the British left India they took with them some of the ancient manuscripts and texts delving into Alchemy, Ayurveda, and Rasayan, while those pertaining to occult sciences were left behind and auctioned. The Valluvar community, who specialized in Astrology at the time, bought these palm leaves and made Nadi reading their hereditary profession and means of livelihood. Each Nadi is made up of a particular ola or palm leaf, written in vatta ezathu, Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezuthani.

The palm leaves are preserved by rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions. The predictions in the Naadis are in a commentary form, though in Shiva Nadi these predictions are presented as conversations between Lord Shiva and Mata Parvathi, expressing concern for and blessings on their devotees. The Granthas are a set of highly organised manuscripts divided into sixteen chapters or kandams. These Kandams serialize the various aspects of materialistic and spiritual life of an individual such as family, marriage, profession, wealth , luck etc.

PROCEDURE of Nadi Astrology : On obtaining the aspirant thumb impression, it is handed over by the Nadi reader at the library, as it the scientific fact the whirls and loops of every individual is unique and it is next to impossible to be replicated.

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The thumb lines are classified into types. For each thumb impression there are likely to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle in turn containing 50 to leaves. One particular leaf might be that of the individual, but the process of finding out that specific leaf is laborious and time consuming. The reader has to read out one statement from the first leaf and it confirms to the individual, he will read out the second statement to verify its veracity.

If this statement does not hold true for the individual, the reader passes on the next leaf, discarding the previous one. It will therefore will be evident that the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the individual correctly appear.

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Because we indian are using Sidereal Zodiac not Tropical so shifting of Rashi in the name of Bhava is not considerable. East Indian or South Indian chart has been erected by 12 lines whose total number represents "Dwadashjyotirlinga" or the number of "Shiva" or Male energy, which is the direct part of Agama Vidya, came from Lord Shiva. Though in case of South Indian chart anti clockwise motion should be followed, not clockwise. Because without anti clockwise motion the Geocentric method will be valuless. But unfortunately modern astrologers are doing the wrong thing. So without having the sense of the diagram secret behind various charts, knowledge on Jyotisha can't be complet.

Because these are the basic fundamentals, can only come from "Gurukulam Shiksha Vidhi". The word made by combination of "Naksh" or the Cosmic Plan and "Khestra" or the Place, that means Nakshatras are the placement map of the sky, built by Cosmos. Nakshatras are as important in Jyotish as the Eyes of human body Mo - Vrishab 3.

Mer - Kanya 4. Mar - Mesha 5. Ven - Tula 6. Jup - Dhanu 7. B - Judge this position, 1st see the strength of any planet whether it's weak, strong or moderate then see the significations of every planet. You will be able to understand the quality of results. This post for them who frequently ask to me that, what is my opinion regarding "Sub Lord" based "Nadi" system, is it really nadi or modif In early 20th century a gentleman named MR. How funny This is true that, both systems are having lots of similarities but that doesn't mean one is derived from another, both are good at their own place, so please stop to asking this type of question with out knowing the fact and please spread the truth to the market which is connected with the reality because our upcoming astro generations is depending on us so it is our duty to provide them the actual thing.

Hope this post will help you all. So, the last point i. To know the Nadi you have to go in deep into the Veda, because Nadi is the oldest form of Vedic Astrology. Why Jupiter is called Jeeva?

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The Kalpurusha use to starts from Mesha but it's preparation use to starts from Jeeva Rashi i. According Nadi, if anyone is very much self conscious n if he or she use to getting involve in any type of reaserch level work, has to face difficulties regarding health and relationships.

Because you are activeting your 1st and 8 th house simultaneously. So be careful of that n stay blessed. Jump to.

Om NamoNarayanaya !GurujiArumugamKappu !!

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